Access - How to access Nagoya B's Hotel

5 minute walk from Exit No 9 of the Fushimi subway station. Immediate access on making a right turn at the Nishikibashi Exit on the Nagoya expressway.

Our hotel is situated in the heart of Nagoya city which makes it ideal for both business and leisure travelers.
It is conveniently accessible both by train as well as by car.

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How to access the Hotel

Access by train


Access by car


Access from Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)


Parking Guide


Parking Area No 1

Parking Area No 2

Charges Overnight: 1 night: 1,500 yen
Hours: 2:00 pm to 1:00 pm the next day
Outside of the above hours: 250 yen for every 30 minutes
Parking Area No 1 32 standard-size cars (height up to 1.55 m)
Parking Area No 2

30 medium-size cars (height up to 1.75 m)
52 large-size cars (height up to 2 m)

Vehicle size that can be accommodated

Car height up to 2 m; car width up to 2.05 m
(tire width up to 1.93 m)car length up to 5.3 m

■Vehicles larger than the above sizes cannot use the parking facility.

We do not have provisions for vehicles with a height of more than 2 m, large vehicles (trucks, microbuses, etc.),cars with low bodies or that have been modified,and some foreign cars.
※For guests making room reservations online,
please fill in the type of car you have if you intend to use the parking space.

Contact Us

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TEL:052-220-3131|Reservations also accepted by phone.

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