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Frequently asked questions

This is a compilation of the most common questions received from our guests in a Question & Answer format. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone if you do not find the answer to your question.

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Rooms Accommodation

What kind of room is the Semi Double room?
This room is the same as the normal Standard single room.
The semi double plan is one in which provisions are made for 2 people to use the Standard single room.
The Standard single room comes equipped with a semi double size bed (width 120cm) which can be used by two people.
It is possible that it may feel a bit cramped but at a rate of 4,250 yen per person it is a very good deal.
Check -out is at 12:00 and in the case of a long stay option , Check-out is till 17:00 You can relax as you do your Nagoya city sightseeing.
Can a child be included in the Semi Double plan?
This plan cannot include a child when there are 2 adult guests, as there is only one semi double bed and no attached child bed.
We advise you to book a Twin room or 2 single rooms (1 with child).
Can we use a credit card?
The Hotel does not accept credit cards.
In an effort to keep our room charges low, we do not offer a credit card payment facility.
Only cash payments are accepted.
Can luggage be deposited prior to Check-in?
The reception has a 24 hour baggage deposit facility.
We also accept baggage sent by courier service prior to Check-in
What is the latest time for Check-in and is there a curfew time?
The Reception is open 24 hours and there is no Curfew time.
The main entrance is locked after 2 am but guests can enter through the side of the reception which is the entrance from the No 1 parking area.
Please intimate us if your arrival time is going to be considerably delayed.
Can the hotel be used only for the day time?
Depending on the room availability, there may be times when rooms are not available for day use only .
Hours: 12:00 to 18:00 Internet discounts are not applicable on the day use rates.
Please call us to inquire about availability, room charges etc.
Can we specify our room preferences?
Please let us know if you have any requests for a specific building (main building or Annexe), a specific floor or room number.
Although it is our desire to fulfill all our guest requests, there may be instances when we cannot comply with all your requirements and we ask for your understanding in such circumstances

Dining facilities

Are there restaurants inside the hotel premises?
Only breakfast is served in the dining area.
Apart from this , there are no restaurants or coffee shops.
Are there restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel?
There is a wide choice of restaurants within walking distance from the hotel.
A 5 minute walk from the hotel will lead you to an area that is known for its izakaya's (Pubs) and also houses restaurants focusing on Nagoya specialties.
This is the ideal place to enjoy a taste of Nagoya's nightlife.

Bath facilities

What are the hours for the public bath?
The bath can be used between Check-in (15:00) and 1:00 am and again between 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning.
The bath cannot be used at any other time because cleaning and maintenance is carried out at those times.
Once you Check-in, the bath can be used any number of times at no charge, Towels etc are not provided, so please bring your towel from your room.
※There is a charge for using the bath before check-in or after check-out. The charge varies depending on the time.
Is there an outdoor open air bath?
There is no open air bath.
There are common facilities like a Jacuzzi, sauna, cold bath for both men and women.

In-house facilities

Is there internet facility in the room? Does the hotel rent laptop computers for guest use?
All rooms come equipped with a LAN cable.
For guests carrying their own computers, just plug in the cable to access the internet.
We have only one rental computer and it is rented out for 1 hour for each guest.
Please bear with us if we cannot provide the computer when it is already in use by another guest.


Is it alright to decide to arrive by car in the last moment?
Please intimate us in advance when you decide to arrive by car.
The number of parking spaces are limited and we request you to be certain to inform us .
The parking charge is 1,200 yen. When the parking lot is full, you will be guided to another parking area nearby.
Are there any kinds of vehicles that you cannot accommodate?
Vehicle size that can be accommodated (Car height up to 2.05m; car width up to 5.3m; tire width up to 1.93m)
Vehicles larger than the above sizes cannot use the parking facility.
We do not have provisions for large vehicles(trucks, microbuses, etc)、cars with low bodies or that have been modified,and some foreign cars.
Can we go walking to Nagoya station?
Yes, its roughly around 15 minutes on foot.
Walk along the main road (Nishiki Dori Ave) that runs in front of the hotel and turn at the end of the street to walk in the direction of the Twin Towers.


Is it permitted to walk around inside and outside the hotel wearing a dressing gown.
Please refreain from wearing your dressing gown outside the hotel.
As for inside the hotel, it is fine to be seen in such attire before or after using the bath facility but it is not to beworn to the breakfast hall.
Please avoid wearing the dressing gown in common areas like the elevator which are used by other guests too.

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