Our Top Attractions - An introduction to the top attractions at Nagoya B's Hotel

"4 Attractions" to delight the Business and Leisure traveler.

Nagoya B's hotel has an enviable location in the heart of Nagoya that makes it the centre for various activities.

The Hotel boasts a large bath with sauna and jacuzzi facilities , features that you do not normally see in a hotel.The breakfast menu includes our widely acclaimed freshly baked bread and a soup that changes in accordance with the flavors of the season.

Point 3:A range of facilities within the hotel to satisfy every need of our guests.

The large public bath comes with an attached sauna and Jacuzzi.

The " Rakudanoyu" is a hot spring bath where you can soothe your tired body after a long day of sightseeing or work. This is one advantage that you don't normally enjoy in a hotel.

In-house Facilities

The hotel has a bonus feature of a 24 hour Convenience Store located on the 1st Floor.

Point 3:The complimentary breakfast buffet is reputed for its taste and a wide variety.


The selection of 5-6 varieties of bread is often praised in our reviews.

We have been receiving favorable feedback for our breakfast buffet and the bread selection tops the popularity charts.

Soups that are made from fresh seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on nutrition.

These soups are the product of the freshest of seasonal ingredients and receive full marks for nutrition too. The change with the seasons always makes it delightful to to taste something new.

Guide to the Breakfast service

Point 1:Why Don't You Forget the Bustle of Cities and Appreciate comfort to the Full?


B's Salon & Spa opened in March, 2010. It is furnished with full facilities such as clean bathhouses, fitness, massage and resting rooms, in which you can leisurely soothe your strain of a journey. If you are staying at our hotel, these facilities are available free of charge.

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Point 2:Situated in the city centre with a most convenient access.

Nagoya B's Hotel occupies such a central position in the city that it is only a  5 minute walk from Exit No 9 of Fushimi station on the Higashiyama subway line or a 10 minute walk from Nagoya station.
Access by car is equally simple as you reach the hotel immediately on making a right turn at the Nishikibashi exit of the Nagoya Expressway.
There is no better place to be for both business and leisure as this is the hub of all activity.

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