Tourist Guide - Introducing the top sightseeing spots

Nagoya city highlights and recommended sightseeing.

Nagoya is home to a variety of tourist attractions and our Hotel recommends the following spots as the highlights. The city prides itself on a host of other attractions as well.
For further details please check Nagoya City Tourist Information.

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Over view of the top sightseeing spots.

JR Central Towers

A skyscraper that consists of two connecting towers rising above the Nagoya station building. One tower rising 51 floors high houses offices and the other tower rising 53 floors high, houses the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel. With a height of 254m and a total floor area of 410,000 ㎡, it is the largest in all of Japan.


Midland Square

A magnificent spectacle that impresses visitors from outside the prefecture as well as from overseas.
Boasting of Japans highest open air observation deck and pedestrian walkways that create a connecting network, this building along with the nearby JR Central Towers the Lucent Towers and the Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers forms the hub of Nagoya's Business Centre.


Nagoya Castle

The castle of the feudal Lord Owari Tokugawa 62 Manseok was built in 1608 .
The castle was destroyed by a fire in 1945 and the present structure (donjon) with 5 levels and 7 floors was rebuilt in 1959, Floors 3-5 house the exhibitions and the 7th floor is a viewing room.


Nagoya Dome

The Nagoya Dome baseball stadium is a franchise of the Chunichi Dragons baseball team.
It is a multipurpose stadium with a capacity of 40,500 people (during a baseball game) that is also used for other sports and hosts concerts and events.


Television Tower

Built in 1954, in the centre of Hisaya Odori Park, it is the first of its kind in Japan which combines the two functions of TV wave transmission and an observation balcony.
With a height of 180m and an observation deck at 100m you can get a good view not only of the entire city of Nagoya but also stretching as far as the Nobi Plains, Ise Bay, the Suzuka and Yoro mountains and Mikawa Bay.


Oasis 21

An ambience of a modern urban park with an abundance of flowers, water and greenery in the Hisaya Odori park "Sakae Park District".
It consists of the Water Spaceship, The Green Space, Bus Terminal, shops and the Milky Way Plaza.


Nagoya Port Aquarium

In the North and South Hall there are zones based on themes like "A Journey to the Antarctic" which seek to recreate the natural environment of the creatures that live in the water.
Performances are held in the main pool which has the worlds largest seating capacity of 3000 people.


Osu Kannon -Osu Shopping District

Shingon Temple that was originally in Osu In Mino and was moved to its current location in the 17th year of the Keichou Era by Tokugawa Ieyasu.
The main hall was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in 1970.
The Osu library has over 15,000 books in its collection including the manuscript of Japan's oldest historical record "The Kojiki"


Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens

This prominent and large scale Zoo has over 600 species and around 18,500 animals including the very popular Koara. (as well as the Medaka fish)
The attractions include Natural Zoo , Children's Zoo and the Medaka hall, The botanical gardens boasts of a Green house, a stretch of flowerbeds and a promenade that you can walk through.


Tokugawa Art Museum (Tokugawa Garden)

A museum that houses a collection of treasured items like the "Tools of the Feudal Lords" that have been handed down from the Owari Tokugawa family.
It contains more than 10000 items designated as National treasures including the armor and swords of successive daimyo of the Owari family like Hideyoshi and Ieyasu and also a complete trousseau of Chiyohime.


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